Jenny Evans - Maternity

Our whole "twin experience" is nothing short of a plot from a sitcom. It all started with a pregnancy stick, a trip to Las Vegas, and thinking were only having one baby.

Jenny came to me thinking that she was pregnant, she knows her body well so I thought she's probably right. The thought of us having a baby was overwhelming, but also I felt happy about it, it felt right to me. A few pee sticks later (all of them coming back positive) we knew that the chance of her being pregnant were pretty much 100%. A few days later, we are packing up and leaving for our annual Red Rocks, Nevada climbing trip. What timing all of this had, we didn't tell a soul. This trip was going to be different. It allowed us time to digest the news we had and to prepare us for what we had no idea what we were about to get into.

After returning from the trip, we had an ultrasound done, to clarify what we had already known. We were having a baby, and that's exactly what the technician told us.

A few weeks had past and we decided to start telling friends and family our news, "We are having a baby!" We told EVERYONE! I took videos of most of them, peoples reactions, it was great. We had finally felt confident and excited about the fact of having a baby.

A few weeks later we returned at the doctors to get a routine ultrasound. We had different attitudes entering the room, we were confident. We get into the ultrasound room, belly gets jelled, the picture pops up on the screen and it doesn't look the same as before. There are two different blobs this time. Jenny began to lose it "What's going on?! It doesn't look the same as last time. Please tell me everything is okay with my baby." The ultrasound tech turns to us and say "Everything is fine, both heart beats look strong." Both Jenny and my heads turned on a swivel "Hearts beats?, Multiples?, You're playing a joke on us, right?" The Technician turned to us and said "Oh, you're just finding this out now. I'm so sorry, let me give you two a few minutes to digest this. It's a good thing, really!"

After the Technician left the room, Jenny had to us the bathroom, which was conveniently located right next to the wall I was sitting by. I heard her crying and saying "What am I going to do". To which I replied "We're in this together, we figure it out together!"

I'll never forget the day you told me. xo


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